Poem- People not Gender

I pick people not gender because when I was little I learned to taste the rainbow
I stumble over sexuality the way my boots trip over every crack in the pavement, picking up rocks that always feel bigger when they're caught under your feet
I pick people not gender because I hate having to shove a socially accepted term in front of the word 'friend'
Boyfriend: blue, girlfriend: pink, boyfriend: straight, girlfriend: gay
Let me tell you something, they don't make pink or blue skittles so what am I supposed to do when my favorite flavor is green
I pick people not gender because I love the way she looks in blue and you know what, he looks pretty hot in pink too
I pick people not gender because I hate the way blue raspberry tastes and bubblegum is getting a little old
I pick people not gender because when I was little I learned to taste the rainbow- and a rainbow isn't just pink and blue anymore
oh really


I open up my heart
What has been left worthy
To gather
Amongst all the garbage
And rotting inhumanities
That crawl in our
Reluctant memories
And there we take
And go down the roads
That we were always meant
No matter what fate has said
Without care:
For how she occasionally screamed
And demanded
From our tired knees
But we continued
Into the locked doors
Of places
We will never find
So we take our hearts
And wait for the firelight
To show us
Where the lonely
And forever unknown
For a few hours
Before they rise
And tear down that

But we kept on going
Discarding blame
In the ditches of the highways
Of when
We took everything
Into our arms
With innocent admiration
That ceaselessly comforting devil

I am not you
With their constant
Greatness/or something/
But here
Inside of everything
That could ever
Or ever
Has been/
(Some Thing)

I have about 5 different versions of this.  The original one I wrote in about 20 minutes.  I rewrote the ending once (the last two stanzas) for one version but then kept both endings, as well as moving the beginning to the end.  I'm still not entirely sure which version I'll settle on, but I think I like this version the most.  For now.  This is what I will probably use.
oh really

Tabula Rasa III

and in the days of spring
summer is felt now
in all its glorious warmth
despite the fact that you are not here
because I have found something
that I can hold
something so strong
that it is palpable
it raises me from the ashes
that fell like snow
on the purest fall day
where new beginnings are visible
in every colour of every leaf
waiting to be reborn
after months of laying on the earth
covered in a blanket of timeless
that need to consciousness
to ensure their permanence
They will remain gracefully graceless
in the arms
of time and space
(That thing that needs no name
just the occasional
and most fleeting thought
of it
in somebody's mind
for its subsistence)
I am not
plastic miracles
(deceivingly durable)
I am not
or the dazed and confused
shards of their maddening hope
clinging to dirty feet
with sickening desperation
I am uncertainty
hammered bloodily into sunlight
something purposeful
dancing in the most perfect twilight
that has ever been known
to any living thing
I am understanding and acceptance
forged by the gods
from vines and empty space
velvet and metal
leather and spiderwebs
mountains and oceans
contradictions and chaos:
that place where all understanding spawns
and grows
like an oak tree
beneath the terrified and quiet stars
that have surrendered
with a sombre finality
reading girl


Today I threw away your picture,
the first time I've parted
with any part of you.

For eight years you looked at me,
first from the shelves about the stove
then the corner of the refrigerator.

Your color changed with the
smoke and grease that floated up,
surrounded your face like a halo.

When the last shred of hope vanished
I put you in a drawer,
only to find you suddenly staring at me,
forgetting that I'd only moved you,
only transplanted this heart stopping emblem.

My heart stopped
the way it stops when I dream of you
because that dream girl hates me so much.

My body has all but forgotten you
so the hand that snatched the picture
and hurriedly threw it into the trash,
on top of the kale stems and onion skins,
is not a hand that remembers your skin under it.

That hand doesn't understand
how much the heart hurts, or
that this first act of freedom
may never be followed by the second.

That hand doesn't understand
how much the heart regrets
even that one lost picture.

The road and the gate

Step after step,
through the decades of time I go
Many Mountain peaks I have scaled
And passed many people that I know

From the lofty peaks I descend
down deep to valleys down below
alone in the chilly darkness
In time of silence and woe.

Though the rocky path that I have chosen
Only a few choose to go
For the way is way to hard
The end they do not know.

At the end lies a gate
narrow in everyway,
That to go through it
I must discard all that I have brought along the way.

Many who have been on the same road
look at the narrow gate in dismay
and turn around
Thinking there has to be a better way

As I walk through the gate
I doubt if I ever see them again
Yet on the other side
awaits a King who has become my friend.


In side I feel stiring
Passion deep inside.
Giving me glimpses of a different life
a life that is deep inside.

Yet this Life that is inside
is trying to get out.
To see the light of day
To walk all about

Just a wisper that can not be heard
yet It is there without a doubt.
Creation declares the voice inside.
Yet it is only heard by me.

Sweet White Wine

Sweet White Wine
By Bethany Davis

sweet white wine
spilled from
the bottle
containing it
in the lamp light
where it sits pooled
around the opening
of that lovely bottle
i gaze upon
i lean down
open my lips
and lick away that wine
that natural wine
so sweet
so salty
from the flesh bottle
from which it came
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Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark
By Bethany Davis

A square, molded piece,
Perfect in dimensions,
Perfect in form.

White perfect chocolate,
Red specks of candy,
Pretty contrast.

A taste of chocolate,
A nibble, a bite,
Joy realized.

Soft creamy chocolate,
Crunchy candy bits,
Perfect Contrast.

Nibble by Nibble,
Bit by bit,
So fine.

The flavour remaining,
White chocolate,
Laced with mint.
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Central Heating

Central Heating
By Bethany Davis

Central heating
On a cold day
Such a pleasure
Such a joy
A chilly house
Bringing goose bumps
To my bare skin
And making my breasts hard
My nipples stand up
Cami and shorts
Not warm enough
For the chilly house
The water running
Warming for my shower
As I wait I get ready
My shorts fall
To the cold floor
My cami on top
My panties slide
Down my legs
To pile on the floor
I step to the corner
Legs spread over the vent
Closing my eyes to enjoy
I can't help but wonder
Does the house's central heating
Enjoy the view more
Or does my central heating
Enjoy its touch more?
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