jgilliland1 (jgilliland1) wrote in modernday_poets,

The road and the gate

Step after step,
through the decades of time I go
Many Mountain peaks I have scaled
And passed many people that I know

From the lofty peaks I descend
down deep to valleys down below
alone in the chilly darkness
In time of silence and woe.

Though the rocky path that I have chosen
Only a few choose to go
For the way is way to hard
The end they do not know.

At the end lies a gate
narrow in everyway,
That to go through it
I must discard all that I have brought along the way.

Many who have been on the same road
look at the narrow gate in dismay
and turn around
Thinking there has to be a better way

As I walk through the gate
I doubt if I ever see them again
Yet on the other side
awaits a King who has become my friend.
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